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Mystery Film’s Owners Found

Todd Bieber, the extremely dogged finder of a roll of film in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park, finally tracked down its owners after a five-country journey through Europe. (Does this guy have no job and unlimited funds? Amazing.) He met up with them in Paris in a reunion he called awkward.

As the Lookout blog reports:

It turns out the photos were taken by a French student temporarily studying in America named Camille, whose brother was visiting her in New York when the storm hit. Camille’s ex-roommate wrote to Bieber to say that she thought the photos were taken by Camille because she recognized the block outside her apartment.

In another universe, a New York City sanitation worker would have found the film and just thrown it away….

Found in a Brooklyn Blizzard: Update

A few weeks back the lovely story of a lost roll of film in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park swept the internet. After breathless media stories from Time to “The Today Show,” 1.2 million hits on YouTube and thousands of proffered theories, there’s an update … of sorts.

Found in a Brooklyn Blizzard: One Roll of Film

He could have just posted “found” signs on telephone polls, but this is 2011 and when you find something, you make a quirky, cute “This American Life”-style video and hope it goes viral. The story: a man decides he needs adventure in his life this year, he finds a roll of undeveloped film in Brooklyn’s snow-covered Prospect Park, develops it, and then produces a short video in an effort to track down the owners.

Source: Gawker

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