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Civil Rights & The Beatles

Two amazing photography collections surfaced in the news this past week, and while they’re of vastly different subject matter, they both defined the 1960s in their own way.

Frederick Baldwin was taking photo of polar bears when an introduction to civil rights leader Hosea Williams gave him entrée into the world of “longshoremen halls, meetings and rallies of civil rights protestors and first-hand access to key locations” in 1960s Savannah, GA. Now, Chauncey Mayfield, who inherited the collection from his father who was involved in the movement, has gifted 50 black-and-white Baldwin images to the Ralph Mark Gilbert Civil Rights Museum in Savannah. The collection is one of only three in the US.

Read more at Savannah Now

And cinematographer Stephen Goldblatt has given over a box of never-before-seen publicity shots of the Beatles from 1968 to go on display at UC Berkeley. The negatives sat neglected for four decades while Goldblatt made his name in Hollywood and didn’t think much of his earlier brief photography career. “Still photography hasn’t been my career for a long time. That’s why these negatives just sat there,” Goldblatt said. Twenty-five black and white images will be on display at the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism Gallery through January.

Read more at San Francisco Chronicle

Judge Rules In Favor of Photog

Hey, guess what? It turns out the police are not allowed to seize a photojournalist’s camera, which we all knew but, still, sometimes these things have to go to a higher court so we can double-check. On Friday, a judge ruled that a search warrant used to review David Morse’s photos from a December 2009 UC Berkeley protest was invalid.

While covering the protest for IndyBay, Morse was arrested, along with seven others, and charged with assaulting a police officer and vandalism among other things. A few days later, all the charges were dropped and Morse’s camera was returned, but his storage devices never were. The university was also ordered to return all of Morse’s photos on Friday.

From the San Francisco Chronicle:

Morse was covering the demonstration outside Chancellor Robert Birgeneau’s campus residence for the San Francisco Bay Area Independent Media Center, also known as Indybay. Morse repeatedly identified himself as a journalist before he was arrested by campus police, which obtained a search warrant to look at his photos before he was released on bail, according to the First Amendment Project.

Score one for the constitution (and the First Amendment Project).

Article from San Francisco Chronicle and IndyBay

UC Berkeley Photojournalist Lands In Jail

Photo by Reginald James/

If you’ve been following the woeful state of California’s public university system, you know there’s been some major protests about budget cuts that are decimating the schools’ previously stellar reputation.

Last Thursday, on March 4, thousands of demonstrators gathered at Oakland City Hall in support of public education funding. When a group splintered off for a march across Interstate 980/880, Cameron Burns, 18, a freshman at Berkeley, followed them with his Flip camera as a reporter for The Daily Californian.  

Burns found himself in the middle of a chaotic scene when riot police advanced on the protestors. He was tackled and handcuffed as one of 150 people arrested by Oakland police. He was charged with “obstructing a public place and unlawful assembly” and spent 20 hours in jail. Burns says he repeatedly told police he was a journalist, but he couldn’t prove it because he didn’t have his press pass.

Daily Californian staff, university officials and a state senator are working to get the charges dropped since Burns was working as a journalist during the melee. Still, he says he has “no regrets.”

Here’s Burns’ video of his experience at the protest. It’s too bad he didn’t get any video of the actual arrest because it would have made his piece.

Article via The Daily Californian

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