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Snow For 2,000 Miles

Photo by NOAA

If you’re anywhere in most of the country, you’re experiencing regular, crushing bouts of snow, cold and ice, including the most recent “monster storm” that made tracks from Texas to Maine. When will it end??


SEO Wrap-Up*

Ah, March Madness. Now that Mizzou, Maryland and Syracuse are out, who to root for? Justin Beiber? Aside from the fact that his manager incited some riot with Twitter, I find tween heartthrobs really puzzling. Case in point: Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato’s duet on “American Idol.” I often lament the lack of duets in the current pop music landscape, but, sadly, that one didn’t fill the void.

Granted, it’s not like kids have ever been known to have taste in music or anything. You know who doesn’t have good taste in women? That Nazi sympathizer Jesse James. It’s awful how he really screwed over America’s sweetheart, huh? It’s sort of like how Barack Obama has screwed over the country with this health care thing. Damnitall, I want the status quo! Speaking of statuses, did you ever notice there are three types of people on Facebook….

*Experiment to get as many buzz-worthy search words in one post.

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