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Photography Link Roundup

Photo: Almost Every Picture #9

•  Almost Every Picture #9 is a strange tribute to a camera-shy black dog and the most recent installment in Erik Kessels’ long-running found photography series. Dazed Digital has an interview with the gallery who is showing the work here. [KesselsKramer]

•  The recently Oscar nominated Exit Through the Gift Shop introduced the world to Thierry Guetta, aka Mr. Brainwash, the enigmatic French-born street artist.  Guetta is dealing with a lawsuit by photographer Glen E. Friedman for using his iconic Run DMC photo without permission. The Hollywood Reporter likens it to the Shepard Fairey “Hope” poster/AP photo lawsuit; Sean Bonner at Boing Boing disagrees. [THR / Boing Boing]

•  Who was the amateur photographer who first discovered the abandoned  piano in Biscayne Bay? [Miami New Times]

•  NFL sideline photographer Scott Kelby explains how Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers destroyed his Monopad. [Scott Kelby]

•  Homeland Security is phasing out its color-coded terror warning system. We can all rest easy…until the new warning system is in place. [AP]

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