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Vandals Have It Out For Olympian Photographer

Tony Overman, a longtime photographer for The Olympian in Olympia, Wash., has gotten on the bad side of some local thugs, and they’re not messing around. His home was tagged with anarchist symbols, his tires were slashed, and the paper’s delivery truck was painted with “Overman snitch,” along with paint thrown on the building. Overman believes this is the work of anarchists he’s photographed at rallys — photos which, in some cases, have resulted in their arrest.

As KOMO-TV reported:

Overman was assaulted last year when a woman spray-painted his face and camera as he photographed an anti-police brutality march. His published photos were later used to identify and convict the woman.

The photographer’s images of a man throwing rocks at a bank were also used by prosecutors. Overman believes that group is now sending him a message, but says he won’t be intimidated.

As Overman told the station: “This is an organized effort to name me specifically, and come to my house and terrorize me,” he said. “That’s really freaking scary.”

Last year, Overman described on his Facebook page what happened to him at the rally.

“… got assaulted by a group of anarchist street thugs. Spray paint in my face, cellphone broken, spray paint on my camera, shoved around, threatened to be thrown off the bridge into the water. First Olympia police on scene wouldn’t do anything unless I pulled the assailants from the group myself.”

Scary indeed.

Source: KOMO-TV (via Romenesko)

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