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What Would [Insert Great Photographer] Do?

There  is no manual to take a great photograph. But the next best thing might be to hear how seven masters of the craft approach the task.

The UK’s Independent asked “the world’s greatest living photographers,” from Mary Ellen Mark to David LaChappelle, who toil in different genres from documentary to portraits.

Among their advice: don’t overthink it, be real, cultivate your obsessions. And we also learn, if you’re really good, you’re probably crazy in some way.

Source: The Independent

Anthony Karen & the KKK

Photo by Anthony Karen

Just when you think we’re getting somewhere, you realize we have a long way to go. Racism is a fact of life in this country, and the Ku Klux Klan is, sadly, very much alive and well. It could be said they’re even more fired up with the election of Barack Obama as president.

We interviewed photojournalist Anthony Karen last June about the unparallelled access he’s had to the KKK, photographing their secret ceremonies and rituals in several states in the deep South. The UK’s Independent recently did this article on the KKK and Karen’s work, and it’s worth a read.

Article via The Independent

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