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JR Wishes For Your Photos

The French street artist “JR” is known for what he calls “photograffiti,” huge black and white photos that he plasters on hillsides, buildings and roofs, mainly in very poor parts of the world. He just won the 2011 TED Prize, and along with the honor, he got a $100,000 grant and one wish “big enough to change the world.” So he’s created “Inside Out,” a global project that you can be a part of, if you so desire.

As the New York Times sums it up:

The artist has started a project called Inside Out that allows anyone to upload a photo of himself (or of families or groups of people) for free to a Web site: JR and a team working with him then make those photographs into large posters that are mailed back to the senders of the photographs, with the hope that that they will display the posters somewhere in public. Whether the posters are displayed with the permission of property owners or are pasted up in a more guerrilla fashion seems to be left up the individual poster owners.

So how about it? (If you participate, please send us a photo of your installation.)

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