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Photography Link Roundup

Photo by Flip Schulke/U.S. National Archives

• Stephen McLaren and Sophie Howarth talk to the photo editor about their new book, Street Photography Now: “What keeps me doing this is a belief that one of photography’s core purposes is to discover poetic moments in everyday life,” says McLaren. [BBC]

• Remember how those oil-soaked animals really galvanized public outrage during the BP oil spill? Photographer Joel Sartore’s striking images will appear in the October issue of National Geographic. []

• Brian Ach, a “top stringer at Wireimage’s NYC office,” gives the lowdown on being a wire service photographer. Among his revelations: It’s hard, the pay stinks, it’s fascinating.  [JPG]

• “panoptICONS” is a  creepy comment on a world living under constant surveillance. To do this, two Dutch artists placed birds with cameras for heads throughout the city. [Wooster Collective]

• Photographer says Bret Michaels’ abs are real, not Photoshopped, on the cover of Billboard. [Billboard]

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