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Cool Photography Round-Up

The girl with the horizontal blinds. Photo by Yasmine Chatila

• Yasmine Chatila’s project “Stolen Moments” is just that — the photos she’s taken by looking into New York City windows. “Part Hitchcock, part Shakespeare, part ephemeral postmodern visual poetry.” Also, part creepy. [Brain Pickings]

• Swiss photographer René Burri tells the story behind his now-iconic image of a cigar-smoking Che Guevara. “This picture is famous thanks to the chap with the cigar, not to me.”  [Guardian]

• A group of Dutch engineers and enthusiasts have hatched a plan to once again make Polaroid film. “The Impossible Project” (as its known) will create a million packs this year. [Wall Street Journal]

• Three-year-old Ruby Ellenby has a show of her photography at a gallery in San Francisco. Not to take anything away from Ruby, but just the idea reminds me of the excellent documentary My Kid Could Paint That. [San Francisco Chronicle]

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