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Photography Link Roundup

Photo: John Foster

John Foster has been buying photos at garage sales and on eBay for the past decade, but you’d never know they’re just a hodgepodge of random finds when they’re evoking Henri Cartier-Bresson and Sally Mann. [Newsweek]

• Hundreds of never-before-seen photos of Hitler taken by his personal photographer Heinrich Hoffman will be auctioned off in England in January. [Daily Mail]

Steve Schapiro‘s photos from the set of 1975’s Taxi Driver are now compiled in a glossy 328-page Taschen tome. Listen to Schapiro’s thoughts on the film in this Guardian piece here. [Brain Pickings]

• Artist Jon Rafman has collected thousands of screen grabs of Google Street View images, and the result is by turns a banal and creepily voyeuristic look at everyday life. [Cool Hunting]

• “14 Tips to be a Successful Freelance Photographer” [Digital Photography School]

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