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Welcome to My Jungle

Photo by Shawn Nee/discarted

Yesterday within a span of 30 minutes a deadly shooting and three vehicular injuries occurred all within a one block radius from one another.

Near the intersection of Santa Monica Boulevard and St. Andrews Place, an unidentified 20-year old man was shot to death by an unknown assailant who fled on foot. As two LAPD officers responded to the call, they were stuck by another vehicle, sending the officers to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Then, a short while later, a bicyclist traveling north on Western Boulevard and only one block east of where the shooting took place, was struck by a vehicle as he crossed Virginia Avenue. The unknown cyclist sustained a head injury, a large laceration to his knee, and was transported to an area hospital by the Los Angeles Fire Department. The driver of the vehicle remained on scene, and according to one man who witnessed the accident, the cyclist was at fault. And finally, as I made my way home to process the photos and get them to my editor, I saw a man wielding a tire iron chase another man down the street. I love this neighborhood.

According to a Los Angeles Times article regarding yesterday’s fatal shooting, there has been at least 63 homicides in my neighborhood since 2007.

For more photos of the accident and a write up by Zach Behrens check out LAist.

Photojournalist Captures Citizen’s Arrest

We wrote about Chicago freelance photojournalist Mike Anzaldi’s brushes with the law last year. And now it seems Anzaldi has found himself in the news again, though this time because he caught a citizen’s arrest on film. He narrates the incident in the above video.

Article via Chicago Now.

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