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Photog Arrested for Snapping Raid

Photo via discarted

Do photographers interfere with police work — taking photos from a distance?

The Cape Town police in South Africa would say yes; photographer Mlandeli Puzi would probably disagree. The off-duty photographer, who normally works for the newspaper Cape Argus, was arrested over the weekend for taking photos of a police raid on a tavern in Delft South. They charged him with resisting arrest and obstructing police from performing their duties.

Puzi’s friend, who was at the scene, said:

“The officer just grabbed his camera and shoved him inside the van; we couldn’t understand why.”

A police spokesman said:

“No one is allowed in the operation area beside police and the parties concerned, and failure to comply will result in arrest.”

Puzi is expected to appear in court today.

Article via Cape Times.

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