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Photography Link Roundup

Photo by Kira Wakeam

•  People who live in Fort Greene are cool, yo.  Check out Kira Wakeam’s slideshow of the Brooklyn neighborhood’s residents and see how they do it. [The Local/New York Times]

•  Oops. Flickr accidentally deleted a user’s account…and 4,000 of his photos. [Switched]

•  Amateur photog David L. Foster got a photo of a train plowing through a snow bank, but still, he says, “I wish I had 20 more seconds.” []

•  Can you handle one more awesome timelapse video, this one of snow accumulation? But this has the bonus of Detroit Free Press photographer Brian Kaufman explaining how he did it. []

•  And just because …”The best in sexual harassment stock photography.” [PhotoZZ]

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