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Flags, Disasters and Wire Photographers

Photo by Roberto Candia/AP

This image, taken by Roberto Candia for the AP, has been published around the world and is said to have sparked great nationalism in Chile in the aftermath of the 8.8 earthquake last month.

ABC News reports that the subject, Bruno Sandoval, returned to the spot where his home once stood in Pelluhue to look for his belongings. He found the tattered flag among the ruins, and amazingly, an AP photographer was there to capture it. Talk about timing.

Isn’t it interesting that pictures of people raising flags become so iconic after disasters, like the firefighters on 9/11 and the marines at Iwo Jima. Of course, it makes perfect sense — it’s all about symbolism and hope, which people are in desperate need of after a tragedy. Iconic images can never be planned, unless they are, in fact, planned. I guess that’s what makes photography serendipitous in a sense.

Article via ABC News

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