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Double Standard Much? James O’Keefe Kicks Out Videographer

Conservative activist/wiretapper James O’Keefe has made his name in surreptitious recordings of high-level executives making supposed impolitic and embarrassing statements, including most recently, the top fundraiser at NPR who was caught on camera deriding the Tea Party and saying that public radio would be better off without federal funding. That dustup cost the fundraiser, Ron Schiller, and NPR’s CEO, Vivian Schiller, their jobs — and lead to a House vote to defund NPR.

But this past Thursday night, O’Keefe had an Asbury Park Press videographer kicked out of a Tea Party event in Keyport, New Jersey because he didn’t want it filmed. (See the video here.) Isn’t it strange, if you brand yourself as a morally charged force for openness and good, that you wouldn’t allow recording of your own activities? Crusaders for any cause should believe in transparency, or else they just look foolish.

Source: Asbury Park Press

Record & Protect


We’ve gotten a few inquiries about the wearable recording device that Shawn mentioned on Digital Village this morning. It’s called the Vievu PVR-PRO 2 and it captures your perspective (about four hours’ worth at a time) and is downloadable with a USB device. It’s priced at $399.95, but if you’re a regular street and events shooter, the protection it affords is undeniable. There are reports that the price might come down too.

You can find it here.

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