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VII Gallery Workshops Accepting Portfolio Submissions

For more info and details on how to apply visit VII.

Eddie Adams Workshop Deadline Is Today


Today, May 15th, is the deadline for student photographers and professional photographers (with less than three years experience) to submit their work to Eddie Adams’ Barnstorm XXII, an intensive four-day workshop attended by photography’s top professionals and a selection of 100 students.

If you’re unaware of Eddie Adams, he is probably most known for taking the image of police chief General Nguyễn Ngọc Loan executing Nguyễn Văn Lém on a Saigon street in 1968. It was a photo that earned Adams the Pulitzer Prize but reportedly caused him great pain, publicly lamenting the image’s notoriety and the hardship it created for Loan throughout his life.

The workshop, started in 1988 by Adams and held in Jeffersonville, New York, is a tuition-free event  and a program deeply focused on photojournalism. During the past 21 years, many known photographers, including Chris Hondros, Rick Loomis and Matt Black, have attended this prestigious gathering. Some would consider the workshop a right of passage for photography’s most talented documentary photographers, launching their careers in a new direction.

In the past, the workshop required photographers to submit a letter of recommendation from a working professional along with their images, but this year that part of the submission process has been removed, making it much easier for documentary photographers who lack connections to professionals to submit their work.

This year I submitted the above 20 images.

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