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The Invisible Nest: Life in Chernobyl

I had a different idea about what Chernobyl was before going there. When the nuclear reactor exploded on 26 April 1986, Chernobyl, as a city, has been redefined as “the worst nuclear disaster in history.” With disasters, there are terrrifying facts, figures and opinions. How much radiation was released, the countries it affected, politics, the people evacuated, long term health effects and death.

But going there, there are things which simply cannot be measured.

Life goes on in Chernobyl. It’s been damaged, but it’s home for those who have stayed, and those who have returned. – Jean Paolo Ty

“Volunteers Fight to Save Anacapa Island”

Our own Shawn Nee/discarted traveled to Anacapa Island off the coast of Southern California last month to document the work a small group of dedicated volunteers is doing to save its indigenous plant life. Every Saturday the volunteers donate a few hours to pull out the invasive species that are threatening to destroy the natural ecosystem on the smallest of the Channel Islands.

Read about it and see more photos at LAist.

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