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Phew, That’s Over


Photo by matt4077

Now that Sarah Palin is set for the Dan Quayle-style annals of obscurity, President-Elect Obama is charged with the gargantuan task of fixing this busted country. Thanks for the memories, Bush & Co.!

Record Numbers

3004284932_fed827de3dPhoto by discarted

There were no problems at our polling place today, which incidentally was held in the cafeteria at a Catholic school – and lunch was in session as we cast our votes! Interesting dynamic, to be sure. And officials didn’t care in the least that we were taking photos.

Los Angeles County shattered records with an estimated voter turnout of 82 percent (and that number is even likely to go up). In all, 3.5 million people cast their votes, making Los Angeles County the largest voting district in the nation. More votes were cast in LA County than in huge states like Montana, Wyoming and Montana, which all have populations under a million.

As the newscaster on the local NBC affiliate just said, “Whatever happened to voter apathy?”

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