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The Hypocrisy of the Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority

So apparently it’s not a crime for a Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority to tell a member of the public that they’re going to break their fucking face, but it is a crime for a member of the public to yell at an NFTA cop while on a public street during a anti-war protest. And if you do such a thing, you’ll be chased down by NFTA police, assaulted with pepper spray, and unlawfully arrested for practicing your First Amendment rights.


NFTA spokesman Doug Hartmayer said that neither Brodsky nor Russo would be disciplined. NFTA Director Kimberley Minkel defended Brodsky’s spraying of Buckley as “a use [of force] within our guidelines.” She called Brodsky’s actions in the bus terminal episode “a closed case. … We look at each event independently.”

Nothing but the finest heroes at the Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority.

A longer version of the video can be viewed here.

Photojournalist Explains Scene of Deadly Fire

I don’t know for sure, but this seems rare — that a photojournalist for a TV news station would come forward to explain the context of a high-profile story.

In this video, WKTV’s Tim Fisher walks viewers through a deadly fire in West Utica, New York this week. Family members apparently accused the fire department of not doing enough to save those inside. A mother and her three children died in the fire. Fisher defends the firemen at the scene, recounting what he saw, heard and felt that day.

I am a photojournalist. I am obviously not a firefighter. But I have to present the narrative that I feel is accurate and true, the more so because one that I perceive to be clouded with emotion and grief has already been told, demanding another perspective.

. . .

I believe it is important, especially at this moment in our country’s history when public servants are being resented for what they earn or bargain for to see them at work as they truly are. Folks just like all of us, doing a hard days work. In this case it was a very intense job in which they faced “a clear and present danger”. Still, they did it and then went back to their firehouse to await the next call. We don’t even know their names.

Source: WKTV

New York’s No. 1 Fashion Photographer

Bill Cunningham New York, opening on March 16 in New York and March 25 in Los Angeles, celebrates the life and work of photographer/bicyclist/smock fan/all around eccentric, Bill Cunningham.

DOC NYC for Documentary Fans

Lost Bohemia Courtesy of DOC NY

New Yorkers who appreciate documentary film and photography should hotfoot it over to Washington Square starting Nov. 3rd (today) and going through the 8th.

Documentary storytelling is flourishing like never before – encompassing reportage, memoir, history, humor and more. We’re launching DOC NYC to celebrate this cultural phenomenon and encourage its new directions.

Fore more info, go to DOC NYC

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