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How Well Does NJ Transit Know the Law?

A self-described train enthusiast took it upon himself to test the people who work for New Jersey Transit on if they know their own photo policy. Pretty uneventful, except for a PATH police officer who gets a little handsy and invokes the Patriot Act.

PATH Police: You’re in a train station here, OK?
Guy: OK.
PATH Police: It is part of the Patriot Act if you want to look it up you can, OK?

I can’t find where it says you can’t film train stations in the Patriot Act. The PATH does have its own policy barring photography, which is outrageous considering it is a public entity. (I know firsthand because I was ordered to stop taking photos of my nephew in a PATH station.) It’d just be nice if these people knew the laws regarding their jobs, though.

No Photography Aimed at PATH Stations

I’ve had my own run-in with the ridiculously self-important New Jersey PATH security, and today the War on Photography blog posts a video shot by man aiming his camera at PATH trains while not technically on PATH property – he was shooting from Newark’s Amtrak station. Even still, he was stopped by a janitor, then security. 

It’s horribly wrong – not to mention illegal if you really want to put a fine point on it – that this public place, a government entity, funded with taxpayer dollars, has decided to enforce a no photography policy. Unfortunately, as one of our earlier commenters pointed out, it’ll take a major lawsuit for the Neanderthals that run the transit agency to see the error of their ways. 

Article from War on Photography

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