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Nat Geo Photographer Meets Solicitous Seal

Check out this video of National Geographic photographer Paul Nicklen‘s recounting of his trip to Antarctica to photograph the dangerous leopard seal. Besides the photos being pretty amazing, it did not go down as you would expect.

Photographing Big Trees

Check out this video on how photographer Michael Nichols set about photographing some seriously tall trees. National Geographic sent Nichols into the Redwood Forest for a year to get the image that appears in the magazine’s October issue. A year! Can you even imagine the budget that magazine must have? I’d love to know the final tally on how much the shot cost.

Nichols eventually got the shot with “three cameras, a team of scientists, a robotic dolly, a gyroscope, an 83-photo composite and a lot of patience,” says NPR’s The Picture Show blog. (And it’s pretty awesome indeed.)

Article via The Picture Show

Gorilla Photographer

South African photojournalist Brent Stirton was recently interviewed by NPR about his work photographing endangered gorillas that were murdered in the Democratic Republic of Congo. His famous shot of a dead 500-pound gorilla being carried out of the Virunga National Park after having been shot by unknown assailants appeared in Newsweek in July 2007. It’s also part of National Geographic’s July cover story, which investigates the mysterious killings of seven mountain gorillas in what was supposed to be a protected sanctuary. The pictures are completely arresting and worth a look.

Listen to the NPR interview here.

Read the National Geographic story here.

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