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SF Muni to Halt Harassment Very Soon

It seems the San Francisco Muni, the city’s transportation agency, is finally being forced to publicize its policy regarding photography. After several incidents where passengers have been harassed by drivers and fare inspectors, including this disturbing one involving a  high school student (yes, the inspector actually says the Muni is private property), SF Appeal asked an MTA spokesperson for answers. The spokesperson said a policy is forthcoming (“soon”), while allowing that it will say non-commercial photography is allowed as long as it doesn’t disturb transit. 

Muni inspectors in the meantime are being re-trained on how to deal (or not deal, as the case may be) with photographers. Rather smartly, the Appeal asked the spokesperson what one should do if they are harassed by a Muni staffer.  

His answer: “Ask to speak to their supervisor. If that doesn’t work, call 311 and file a complaint with all the details.”

Article from SF Appeal via Streetsblog San Francisco

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