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Lovely Lawbreakers

Photo: JouJou Villeroy

Last month we posted on some cool-looking Australian criminals. Turns out Minneapolis has its own share of pretty cool criminals, at least according to the mug shots the JouJou Villeroy blog dug up.

20th Century Criminals, With Flair

Between 1910 and 1930, Australian authorities photographed the criminals, and suspected criminals, that passed through Sydney’s Central Police Station. Instead of stark and simple mug shots, the result is a collection of intense, engrossing portraits of the city’s underground crime scene.

Author Peter Doyle spent hours immersed in the forensic photography archive at the Justice & Police Museum in Sydney to compile the images that make up his book, “Crooks Like Us.” It’s not nice to romanticize these people, who were notable drug dealers, thieves, prostitutes and cons, but they’re a pretty cool-looking set, truth be told. Those that aren’t downright suave and stylish are at least quirky and interesting. (Contrast these to the modern criminal, and well, you see what I mean.)

(via Boing Boing)

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