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Most Interesting

Photo by Shawn Nee / discarted

In a recent post, The Washington Post’s “Story Lab” blog posted on how their reporters were dispatched to various coffee shops around town looking for stories. “This American Life” did a similar experiment in Georgia, called “Georgia Rambler,” in which they sent nine reporters to small towns across the state with the mission to find the most interesting person in town. That concept was actually based on the Atlanta Journal’s Charles Salter’s reporting road trips in the 1970s.

And filmmaker David Lynch has been doing something called the Interview Project, where his team took 70 days to drive across 20,000 miles of the US, just looking for everyday people with stories.

(See, there really are no original ideas.)

Undoubtedly the notion would translate to an excellent photographic project. So, who’s the most interesting person in your town?

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