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The Dirty Truth About Street Cleaning in LA

In a piece reminiscent of classic “60 Minutes,” USC journalism student Matt Schrader exposes the dirty side of parking enforcement and street cleaning in downtown Los Angeles. Schrader found that while parking enforcement is out in droves ticketing cars, and mostly on street cleaning days (making the city $15,000 an hour!), the streets they’re patrolling aren’t even being cleaned. The best line of the piece is from a guy who got ticketed on one of those streets: “They have the manpower to ticket you, but they don’t have the manpower to actually do the job.”

This is an issue near and dear to our heart, and Schrader told us he was inspired in part by our earlier video where we caught our local parking enforcement agent parking in the loading zone while getting lunch. While LA slides further into bankruptcy and mismanagement, somehow, some way, parking enforcement manages to probably be the city’s most efficient department.  

And though LA’s government is indeed so broken that nothing will likely ever be done, it’s nice to know someone is at least trying to keep them accountable. Long live journalism.

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