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Tuxedoed Lesbian’s Photo Cut From Yearbook

It seems a high school in Mississippi made a values call when it decided not to include the  portrait of senior Ceara Sturgis in the yearbook. Despite being smart and involved enough to be in the National Honor Society and on the soccer team, Sturgis is a lesbian and wore a tuxedo in her photo. Females are supposed to wear a dress in the portraits.

Sturgis is represented in other parts of the yearbook, but Wesson Attendance Center high school apparently felt that the tuxedo shot was too controversial. The ACLU protested the decision back in October, but it wasn’t until April when Sturgis’ mom, Veronica Rodriguez, saw the final yearbook that she realized Sturgis is not mentioned at all in the senior portrait section, not even named as a member of the graduating class.

The sad thing is, Rodriguez said the class nominated Sturgis for prom queen, showing that she is clearly well-liked and accepted among her peers. It’s just the (older adult) officials who are less tolerant and willing to shun a child because she doesn’t fit into their ideas about sexuality.

Read the whole story at the Jackson Free Press

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