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Repurposed Kodachrome

Photo by yarnzombie

A crafty Flickr user who goes by yarnzombie bought around 500 Kodachrome slides from an antique store and, after a little deliberation as to their fate, decided to make a curtain for her front door. After the project was highlighted on a few blogs and got some viral notoriety, there was the requisite bit of controversy with some people criticizing her for abusing Kodachrome this way and “destroying history.” 

I say, you do realize most Kodachrome probably ends up in landfills these days? It’s great these slides are getting a second life! I mean, people buy gorgeous Victorian homes and bulldoze them for the land…. Destroying history is going on on a much, much grander scale.

Read yarnzombie’s very long history behind the curtain and the controversy on Craft! Bang! Boom!.

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