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“Thank You For Your Call” at Open Show Los Angeles

This Thursday evening, the Translight Photography Center will host the first Open Show Los Angeles event near the downtown area.

Conceived in 2008 under the name SideSlam, photographer and multimedia producer Tim Wagner, along with Adrianne Koteen and Melanie Light, created the event to give artists the opportunity to showcase their work and receive feedback for their efforts. Two years later, what began as a small gathering in the San Francisco Bay Area is now called Open Show and being held in cities throughout the world.

Open Show runs regular events where the public can see fresh, compelling work and interact directly with photographers, filmmakers and multimedia producers in high‐profile spaces. Our free monthly show is a social mixer plus screening event where five curated presenters (from professionals to students) have 10 minutes each to show a 20 image story or 4‐7 minute video/multimedia project.

The presenters for Open Show Los Angeles are:

Mark Indig (Close on Sunday) :

Shawn Nee (Thank You For Your Call) :

Steve Saldivar (East Los Angeles) :

Michael Kirchoff (An Enduring Grace) :

Thursday, October 21, 7:30-9:30pm
Translight Photography Center
618 Moulton Ave., Suite #E
Los Angeles, CA 90031

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Please Help Publish “Thank You For Your Call”

In July I created a multimedia project entitled “Thank You For Your Call,” which helped shed some light on the fact that thousands of LGBT community members are unfairly denied Social Security survivors benefits each year because the federal government does not consider their relationships vaild. Over the past few months, the video appeared on NPR, NBC, The New Yorker, and The Advocate. However, I am now trying to get the still images and the story published in print form, which is a difficult task in itself.

One avenue is through JPG Magazine, but in order for that to happen the project needs your vote. So I am asking readers to join JPG Magazine and vote “Yes” if you think  “Thank You For Your Call” deserves publishing.

Click here to help publish “Thank You For Your Call”

And I apologize for the campaigning, but this story must be seen by as many people as possible.

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