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H.O.B. Security Guards Attack Hanson Fans

You know things have gotten out of hand when two young women are assaulted for taking photos outside a Hanson concert. 

After a fan at the House of Blues in Chicago took a photo on the sidewalk that apparently included Darrell G. Gibson II, a House of Blues a security guard, he unlawfully seized her camera and an altercation ensued when she fought back. The women are being loud, sure, but where is the motivation for this incident – what is so wrong about taking photos on a sidewalk? And the guard is probably three times their size; you can see how his shove sent one of them flying to the ground.

And then the video goes black as someone – a guard most likely – starts harassing the person filming. You can hear the guy actually say, “What right do you have to record this?” Uh…on a public sidewalk, out in the open? Every right in the world.

Isaac, Taylor and Zac would be outraged!

If you think this is wrong, let the House of Blues know:

Jim Jablonski
General Manager, House of Blues Chicago
Phone: (312) 923-2005

UPDATE: YouTube removed the video due to a – surprise, surprise! – terms of service violation, i.e., complaint from someone who didn’t like seeing himself on the video. YouTube is absolutely spineless. There are unconfirmed reports that the security guard has been arrested and local news in Chicago has picked up the story, which means, really, it’s disaster time for the security guards involved as well as the House of Blues. Thank god for personal recording devices. You can still see the video here.

UPDATE #2: Gibson, the guard seen in the above video, was arrested and charged with misdemeanor battery. Read the story here.

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