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Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough

 mj media frenzy
The scene at Michael Jackson’s star on Hollywood Boulevard on Friday, the day after his death. Photo by cinemafia

Hey Joe – “A Hendrix Experience”

Newspapers are dying. Multimedia is the future, or so they say. Here’s an example of what the Los Angeles Times is doing to stay current.

Photographer Mel Melcon followed Hollywood Boulevard’s Jimi Hendrix impersonator, Anthony Aquarius, and it’s actually a very cool little piece. I like how Melcon somehow briefly but very vividly captured this Jimi’s life – a group of teen guys rocking out to him on the sidewalk; Aquarius on the mattress in his bleak bedroom; a couple taking a photo with their phone and we see the result before they will; a passerby dancing to the music through several frames so you can feel the movement; Aquarius’s own unique insight: “The only reason why this works is cause there’s doubt.”

To see the piece, go to “A Hendrix Experience in Hollywood.

Talking To…Photographer James Knoblauch

In the alternate universe that is Hollywood Boulevard, Marilyn Monroe has a restraining order against Chewbacca, the same guy plays Darth Vader, Barney and Mickey Mouse, and multiple Spideys vie for the title of baggiest costume. For years, photographer James Knoblauch has been photographing the characters who populate the few blocks around Graumann’s Chinese Theatre, and earlier this year his collection of portraits was published in a book called Imposters.

Here, we talked to him about what it’s like to go back to SpongeBob’s place for drinks, among other things.

You called Roger Gastman, the founder of Swindle magazine, the “instigator” of the book. How is that?
I did not use the words “instigator” to describe Roger Gastman, who was a business contributor to the project. Someone at the publisher thought it was a cute way to describe his function in the book project. I had sent Roger “imposter” photos with the hope of having some printed in his magazine and he suggested creating a book with 30 or so images of different characters. He then found a publisher to release the book.

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