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The Vanishing Homeless Man

discarted via iphone

It took less than 48 hours for someone to paint over this highly suspect Banksy I discovered the other day in Hollywood on Vine.

I wonder who would do this?

An Undiscovered Banksy?

discarted via iphone

Found this possible Banksy in Hollywood the other day.

And I’m not too sure if anybody else has even noticed this lowly homeless man who has taken refuge inside an abandoned, fenced-off parking lot.  He hasn’t even been mentioned on, which is always covering Banksy’s latest street creations in Los Angeles.

So is the fence meant to keep us out or this man trapped inside?

Banksy’s so deep.

Photo by Erik Calonius/The U.S. National Archives

Help Keep a Photographer Out of Jail

Photo by Jonas Lara

In February, artist/photographer Jonas Lara was photographing two graffiti artists in South Central Los Angeles as part of a long-term project he’s doing when he was arrested for felony vandalism, a charge that was later reduced to aiding and abetting vandals. He was jailed for 24 hours and his equipment was confiscated as evidence. His jury trial is on May 11, and if convicted, he could face up to a year in jail and have his license suspended.

Lara has started a legal defense fund to raise $6,500 for a private lawyer. He has $152.96 as of today. You can (and should) join his Facebook page, donate and spread the word. This is a bogus charge and a waste of our taxpayer dollars.

Film Crew Gets Into It With Vandals

An Australian film crew busted up some ne’er-do-well taggers and got busted up themselves.

The crew was working on a documentary about taggers when they came upon a guy spray painting a traffic box in North Hills, CA. The man fled, but came back soon after with a friend and proceeded to beat one of the crew members with brass knuckles. And they got it all on tape.

The two suspects have been apprehended and arrested.

From NBC Los Angeles

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