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Filmmaker Gets Chile Reception

The Interpress News Agency (IPS) is reporting on the growing concern over a popular filmmaker who’s being held in a Chilean jail. Varela had been working on a documentary on the problems between lumber companies and the indigenous Mapuche people in Southern Chile.

Charged with “illicit association with the intent to commit a crime,” Varela was arrested May 7 for her alleged connections to a revolutionary group that is suspected of committing two robberies in 2004 and 2005. Though what’s most troubling is that much of her materials relating to the documentary were seized, including interviews, diaries, scripts, footage and cameras.

In an open letter to President Michelle Bachelet, Reporters Without Borders said “that other journalists and filmmakers have got into trouble when trying to cover the sensitive subject of the situation of the Mapuches.” 

Yes … its’ highly coincidental. And we’re sure those lumber companies don’t mind at all having her out of the way so they can continue to raze forests.

Article via IPS.

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