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Eggleston Gets the LA Treatment

“Elvis Jumpsuit” by William Eggleston/Courtesy dnj Gallery

Angelenos will get plenty of opportunities to see the groundbreaking work of William Eggleston in the coming weeks, with three exhibits, including a major restrospective at LACMA.

LACMA: “Democratic Camera: Photographs and Video, 1961-2008”
traces the artist’s evolution over a five-decade-period and brings together more than 200 photographs, including his iconic images of familiar, everyday subjects in addition to lesser-known, early black-and-white prints and provocative video recordings.

Edward Cella Gallery: “William Eggleston: American Photographer”
…presents a rich offering of unique and historic prints dating from 1965 through 1985 including several of Eggleston’s most iconic images.

dnj Gallery: “William Eggleston: On the Road”
…a compilation of over forty images, especially some dye transfer printing, from the two series “Democratic Forest” and “Graceland.”

Source: PIX Feed LA

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