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Photography Link Roundup

Photo: Larry Luckham

•  Larry Luckham catalogs photos from all the periods in his life on his personal web site, and he’s got a great set from his time at Bell Labs in the late 60s. Two words: mutton chops. [ via Lost at E Minor]

•  NPR and Pictory magazine are collaborating to find “local legends” across the country. Submit a photo of your own on Pictory’s site here. [NPR]

•  Someone stole Jason Lee’s Polaroid of Dennis Hopper at the This Los Angeles show last weekend and they desperately want it back. C’mon scumbag, do the right thing. [Pix Feed LA]

•  Longtime photojournalist Jim Pickerell writes an open letter to a student on pursuing photography as a career, and it’s kind of bleak but also kind of helpful. [Black Star Rising]

•  Joao Silva, the New York Times photographer who lost his legs in a mine blast in Afghanistan last October, walks. [Lens]

Dennis Hopper, Photographer

Photo by Dennis Hopper/Taschen

In the various tributes to actor Dennis Hopper, who died May 29 of prostate cancer, many celebrated his sideline as an artist and long-held interest in photography. First picking up a camera the 1960s, Hopper’s work chronicled many of the era’s art house scenesters, as well movie stars like Paul Newman on set and even Martin Luther King during the civil rights movement.

Hopper’s photos were published in the Taschen book Dennis Hopper: Photographs 1961-1967 in 2009 (you can view a mini film here and  flip through it here), and LA’s MOCA will hold an exhibit of Hopper’s work from July 11-September 26.

Article from and Culture Monster

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