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Wildlife Report

Photo by discarted

We’re keeping a tally of the wildlife we see on the road, and oddly enough, while we’ve been through some pretty remote, and even desolate, areas, not one rattlesnake or coyote. So far the list includes: deer, jackrabbits, cottontails, owls, lizards, a grey fox, one cottonmouth, skunks, spiders, turtles, vultures, eagles, wild turkeys, one black bear with two cubs, a giant millipede, tarantula-like water spiders, alligators, salamanders, skinks and horned lizards. And then there was the endangered Comanche Springs pupfish and the Pecos gambusia in the Balmorhea State Park in Toyhavale, Texas, the only place they’re found in the world.

Unfortunately we’ve come across some dead ones, too (both in New Mexico).

Photo by discarted

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