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Giffords’ Photog Explains How He Got the Shots

It’s been five months since Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was shot in the head by a deranged man at a constituent event, and this past weekend two photos emerged showing her looking surprisingly healthy, considering she was shot at point-blank range. The photos were reportedly released to quell rabid interest in her condition that lead to essentially a bounty on her.

The photos were taken by former Arizona Citizen Photo Editor P.K. Weis. If you’re wondering how he got the assignment, he’s known the congresswoman for over a decade and Giffords’ camp wanted someone to do it whom she knew and felt comfortable with.

Poynter has an interview with Weis, and as they report:

“There  were a lot of emotional highs and lows going into it, but once I saw  her, all that melted away,” said Weis…

Using a Nikon Du Jour, Weis spent three hours photographing Giffords in her hospital room and in an outside area of the hospital. Giffords’ staffers, her mother and a close  friend were also there, and doctors and nurses stopped by. Weis said he sent the photos to Giffords’ staff shortly after taking them, but didn’t find out which ones would be chosen until two days before they were published.

Source: Poynter

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