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Colorado Police Want to Outlaw Back Talk

Photo by Discarted

A Colorado police chief wants to make it illegal for people to talk back to his officers. The Rocky Mountain News reports that Chief Paul Schultz of the Lafayette Police Department, a city located in the Boulder metropolitan area, has asked the City Council to include taunting and profanities as grounds for obstruction charges.

Presumably not realizing how ridiculous he sounded, Chief Schultz explained it this way:

“Officers have been subjected to very abusive language. This gives them a tool. Otherwise, they would just have to stand there and take that verbal abuse.”

Chief Schultz concedes that it would have to take “repeated, prolonged” verbal attacks to warrant arrest, but who’s to say where that line is?

Predictably the Boulder County Civil Liberties Union has taken issue with this, and two council members opposed the ordinance change citing its restriction of free speech. “I don’t think we need to be in the business of regulating speech in Lafayette,” councilman Alex Schatz said. 

To contact Chief Paul Schultz:

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Spy Photographer Thwarted at Car Shoot

This is funny. I happened upon this post on that details the exploits of an automotive spy photographer (is that an official title?).

The guy, operating under the name Ringo Kamens, says he came across a super-secretive car photography shoot in downtown Denver, and his attempts at getting shots of the yet-to-be-released car got him in hot water with the crew. They berated him, saying they had a permit and no outside photography was allowed. Then they called over plainclothes officers who told him he wasn’t allowed to shoot on city property. He willingly left once they tried to take his camera and threatened him with arrest.

Too bad Kamens didn’t know the laws protecting his rights to shoot the shoot — permit or no, city property or no. Kamens actually had every right to take those photos.

Nobody was up in arms over this trampling of his rights though. Commenters were more concerned with guessing the make and model of the car. (Most people think it was the Audi A4 Avant.)

Article via Motor Trend

Read Ringo’s account of what happened here.

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