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A man stands outside a newly-constructed fence surrounding City Hall in downtown Los Angeles, begging for the return of his property. As workers, responsible for the clean-up look on and antagonize him.

Giving Props – Hundreds Turn Out For/Against 8

vote yes on height
Photo by discarted
Here in California we have a hotly contested measure on the ballot, Prop 8, which seeks to eliminate gay couples’ right to marry. On Sunday hundreds turned out in front of LA’s City Hall to voice their support for the measure – in other words, for banning gay marriage. Predictably the crowd seemed to have been organized by hundreds of Southern California church groups.

Across the street a “No on Prop 8” group assembled, swelling in size as the demonstration went on (they had a few other rallies that day). It was all fairly civil and peaceful (the “Homosexuals are the Anti-Species” banner notwithstanding), and the cops didn’t have to get Rodney King on anyone.

And then there was Sacha Baron Cohen, who crashed the event in character as Bruno, apparently filming scenes for his upcoming movie. Bruno of course is a flamboyant gay man, so he was up to his usual tricks with the very earnest, straight-laced “Yes on 8” supporters. Baron Cohen’s crew, however, was pretty handsy, manhandling anyone trying to photograph/film them, which we’ll post on shortly.

As for Prop 8, it doesn’t affect me either way, but I am loath to support any measure that is about intolerance and discrimination.

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