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Photography Link Roundup

Photo by Jeff Mermelstein

•  Jeff Mermelstein’s fashion photography is at the Rick Wester Fine Art gallery in New York through June 25. [Rick Wester Fine Art]

•  The estate of photographer Sam Shaw, who took the iconic Marilyn Monroe-on-the-subway-grate shot, just filed for bankruptcy. No word yet on what could happen to his hundreds of thousands of images of famous subjects. [Wall Street Journal]

•  A rare look into the secret world of child brides, from photographer Stephanie Sinclair. [National Geographic via Boing Boing]

•  The guy who invented the Flip Camera is doing the natural thing after his product was spiked — he’s opening a chain of grilled cheese restaurants. [CNN]

•  In a contest a la “Modern Family,” Gizmodo wants you to recreate a classic family photo. Submit by June 6. [Gizmodo]

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