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Alex Garcia: “Let Go of Yourself”

Photo by Shawn Nee / discarted

For the documentary photographer, selective perception is an obstacle bigger than the two-ton security guard who steps in front of you and says “scram!”  It’s silent and imperceptible but it nonetheless keeps us from seeing the full range of meaning and moments that are standing right in front of us. So questions can linger, even after making a great picture from a situation. Was a better one lurking in there somewhere?  Was the great picture the most honest one? Did we leave too early? Did we focus on the wrong subject? Were we focused too much on ourself?

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And the Chicago Tribune Is Now Onboard

Looks like the hometown paper finally picked up the Mike Anzaldi story. Now we’ll likely see some results.

(As much as certain people decry it – i.e., politicians, cops, Fox News – when a major news outlet covers a story, it matters. It’ll be a sad day when newspapers are officially dead.)

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