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Boston Scared By Street Photographers

Photo by Joe Gallo

Boston’s local CBS station did a report on some “strange” behavior that’s raising a lot of “red flags” — a bunch of men taking “unusual” photos of people in the streets of Downtown Crossing. Luckily they sent a reporter to get to the bottom of it. And guess what? They’re street perverts photographers.  

All the passersby are freaked out — these men are targeting women’s body parts and children!

“Those guys are out here every single day, following people up and down the street, nonchalantly taking pictures of women’s body parts,” said Craig Caplan, who owns three kiosks selling various items not far from where these men hang out.

And doing it so nonchalantly! In broad daylight, whole packs of them, for something called art. It’s sickening.

One of the photographers responds here and debunks the whole piece. He writes:

…a real predator would not have engaged the media to begin with. If we were truly part of a group that “aggressively hunts down women and children” we wouldn’t go to the same place almost daily. This is How-often-do-you-beat-your-wife? Journalism.

In all, we talked to [CBS’s] Jim and Ron for a good half hour and, after we relaxed, we supplied them with what I thought to be good copy. I spoke of “self censorship,” that we don’t take pictures of children and that we don’t hunt down women for their body parts… 

Both men engaged us in a friendly manner and we ended our conversation with a firm handshake. We even invited them to an upcoming photography show—with or without their cameras.

MBTA Workers Harass Photographer

Photo by Brian W. Green

This week, a photographer named Brian W. Green got accosted in the Boston subway for taking photos. Here’s the conversation, from his blog

Driver – “it is very rude to take my photo and i dont like that” 

I felt it was better to just ignore her since it was 12:30 at night and i was a few stops away from home. Well at the next stop a security officer for the MBTA got on board and this is kinda how that went.

Him – “are you taking photos of the driver”

Me – “no -holds out camera- you can gladly look at what i have been taking photos of”

Him – “could u step off the train and talk to me” 

Me – “no i told you im not taking photos of her and i have offered to show you if thats not enough then so be it”

at that point he picks up his walkie talkie and tells his dispatcher that he might need boston police.

Me – “just look, -Holds out camera-“

Him – “no thats ok i do not need to see your camera but are you sure you were not taking photos of her” 

Me – ” yes im pretty fucking sure i know what im taking photos of”

at that point i got off the train and went to the second car.

So, what’s up, Boston? Don’t tell me you’re joining the ranks of other ignorant cities (New York, Washington, LA) that needlessly harass photographers on public transit.

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