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Expanding the Circle: The Engaged Photographer

From YouTube:

In this video, photographer and Moving Walls exhibition co-curator Susan Meiselas discusses documentary photography’s potential to connect and move audiences by “expanding the circle of knowledge” about human rights and social justice issues.

The video also features a variety of work by photographers supported by the Open Society Institute Documentary Photography Project. The project funds photographers who go beyond documentation, using images to foster civic engagement, organizing, advocacy, outreach, public awareness education, and media attention.

Alex Webb Wonders Istanbul

Although it’s a few years old, Alex Webb’s Istanbul: City of a Hundred Names is still probably one of the better multimedia projects to ever grace the internet. And if you’re not familiar with Webb’s work, he is often referred as a master of composition and one of the best documentary photographers to ever hold a camera. His abilities will fill you with jealousy and self-loathing as you ask yourself, “Why can’t I take pictures like that?!”

To see more of  Alex’s work, click here.

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