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SF Guards Offer Black Eye to Photog

Photo by Troy Holden

This week Troy Holden of the Caliber photography blog had a little confrontation with security staff at 555 California in downtown San Francisco. Now, San Francisco is known to be a very progressive city, but these guards seem like they’re straight out of an episode of “The Sopranos” on the other coast.

When Holden and a friend starting shooting the building, they were told no photos. Then, he writes:

I decided to challenge this statement and the older of the bunch (left) asked me if I wanted to be punched in the face. No, I replied, I have to go back to work and a black eye would make things awkward for me. He then asked me how I would feel if he broke my camera. I told him I would be bummed, but that I needed an upgrade and if he touched me or my camera I would seek monetary legal action to the extent of a brand new Canon 5D Mark II.

Holden contacted the building’s security department and got a response that indicated they are taking the incident seriously.

But in the meantime, Troy – get a Vievue.

Article from Caliber via Thomas Hawk

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