iPhoneography / The Street Volume

Anton Kawasaki

I recently picked up an iPhone 4 for a cross-country trip that just wrapped up. Along the way I took a few photos, which was fun since this is my first pseudo-digital camera and the immediacy of being able to see the image was kick-ass. I don’t think I’ll ever use an iPhone for any of my street or documentary work though, and I definitely won’t be posting any of my trip photos anywhere. They’re not good enough or interesting enough to share with the masses.

On the other hand, I have heard about all of the great stuff people have been doing with apps (for the record, I hate this word) and their iPhones. So since I had some downtime this weekend, I decided to search the web in hopes of finding a street photographer who’s put down the SLR for an iPhone.

And luckily, I came across Anton Kawasaki.  Enjoy.

If you wanna see more of Anton’s work, check out his photostream.

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