Photography Link Roundup

Photo: Ryan Bradford

•  “All Dogs Want to Kill Me” is a San Diego mailman’s ode to the canine enemies on his route. [Ryan Bradford via Flavorwire]

•  A close-up and graphic paparazzi photo of a dying Princess Diana will be seen for the first time at the Cannes Film Festival in the movie Unlawful Killing. [Daily Mail]

•  Charging $100 apiece to see the dead Osama photo? It could go toward paying off the national debt. [The Atlantic

•  For a groundbreaking study on the obesity problem, cameras will take a snapshot of San Antonio school kids’ lunch trays when they pick them up and bring them back. [Huffington Post]

•  An open call for photographers working on long-term projects for the BBC’s “Open Eye” project. [duckrabbit]

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