Photography Link Roundup

St. Patrick’s Day Parade, New York 1913  Photo: The Library of Congress

•  Elisabeth Biondi, The New Yorker’s photo editor, is leaving her post, so as a send-off the magazine asked nine photographers she’s worked with for their thoughts on images they worked closely on. [New Yorker]

•  A roundup of some of the best images from the AIPAD Photography Show in New York, including contemporary and vintage shots — and one striking portrait of Chairman Mao. [Flavorwire]

•  Four New York Times journalists, including two photographers, have been missing in Libya since Tuesday. You can hear one of those photographers, Lynsey Addario, speak about her work in conflict zones from a Daily Beast discussion last week.  [The Daily Beast

•  Photographer Bob Gruen explains his best shot — of Debbie Harry and Iggy Pop circa 1977. [Guardian]

•  Up until now, Amish gun owners in Illinois haven’t had to have photos on their permit cards because of their religious beliefs, but a new policy would force them to comply. Many Amish use their rifles for hunting food, so now they’re faced with giving up a source of food or disobeying their religious teachings. I say c’mon, these people already live so apart from American society — allow them to follow their religion. That’s what America’s about.  [Mattoon Journal Gazette]

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