2 More Places to Submit

•   The Focus Project is a year-long photography competition to showcase photos from all genres — documentary, portrait, still life, etc. They will award one grand prize winner with a reception in New York City, $10,000 in cash, a video documentary and an online feature published by Artists Wanted. But there are also weekly and monthly winners where you can win $500 and $2,500 respectively. (The cash prizes total $75,000.) The deadline is Feb. 14, 2012. Go here for more details.

•  7.7 magazine — whose aim is to be a refuge for documentary photography stories — also puts on a yearly photo contest, with the winner selected from their four editions over the year. The prize is  €2000 and the deadline is Oct. 15, 2011. Go here for more details. (While you’re there check out their latest issue)

2 Responses to “2 More Places to Submit”

  1. 1 Gabriel Iglesias February 22, 2011 at 9:10 am

    Just a heads up…the deadline for The Focus Project is Feb. 14, 2012 not 2011. I’ll take this opportunity to thank you for your continued good work.

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