Are MLK, the Great Depression, WII, 9/11, and the Super Bowl all the Same?

Sorry to digress from the subject of photography, but how infuriating was it to watch Michael Douglas equate this year’s Super Bowl to some of the most important moments and people in the history of the United States?

Does he really believe that a football game is on the same playing field (yes, pun intended) as Martin Luther King, Jr., the Great Depression, John F. Kennedy, World War II, the Dust Bowl, a woman’s right to vote, the Berlin Wall coming down, and the Challenger explosion?

What a fucking joke.

There has been one MLK in this world. How many Super Bowls have there been, and can anybody name the team that won last year’s Super Bowl without Googling it?

What arrogant NFL P.O.S. came up with the idea for this spot? It was like watching Apple mistakenly equate themselves to Rosa Parks a few years ago when they posted her image on after releasing some pointless updated iPod or iPhone.

If I was capable of puking, I would have after watching this video.

On a personal level, and contrary to what Douglas claimed, my personal journey through life has nothing to do with the NFL, the Pittsburgh Steelers, or the Green Bay Packers.

Note to NFL:

Stop putting cancer survivors and very emotional music that tugs at people’s heartstrings under bullshit television spots and then get off yourself.

Update: Thankfully, others in this country are able to see the absurdity of this commercial as well.  Comments via YouTube:

This was a great video – right up until it equates the Super Bowl with some of the greatest struggles of the past century. It denigrated those real struggles. – elizik

Why are they presenting historical events that caused great change with garbage such as the Super Bowl? It’s just football. It doesn’t and never will change anything. This video was a perfect example of taking a game too seriously (that seems to be considered normal for some reason). They throw/hit random objects around on fields. Entertaining? Maybe to some. Important? No. – ShitDizzleTheThird

Utter garbage. How people can get up in arms over a “wardrobe malfunction” and not this trash is beyond me. – Phreakiboi

Seriously? It’s FOOTBALL. It doesn’t matter. It’s a bunch of guys running back and forth on a field beating the shit out of eachother over the possession of a brown egg.  Comparing it to people like Martin Luther King Junior? Really? REALLY? It’s just football. – chekwob

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