“Shelter in Place” Exposes Big Oil’s Big Waste

London-based photographer Zed Nelson (who we hope to have an interview with up very soon) has received a lot of acclaim for his projects Gun Nation, Fat Nation and Love Me, among others. Recently he’s turned his exacting eye to the documentary Shelter in Place about the small Texas town of Port Arthur. Port Arthur abuts oil refineries that emit toxic waste we don’t even understand, except that the residents, largely poor and black, get sick from it. But who cares, right? Because Big Oil pays for your congressmen’s reelection committees, so we need them.

For more information about the genesis of the project, which is billed as “a battle against unstoppable corporate power,” you can read this Guardian piece. The movie will be screening at Curzon Soho on January 26 in London, followed by a Q&A with Zed Nelson and producer Hannah Patterson.

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