Photography Link Roundup

• The New Yorker’s photography blog is running five exclusive excerpts of Cheryl Dunn’s documentary on street photography, Everybody Street – featuring Bruce Davidson, Mary Ellen Mark, and more. [Photo Booth]

• New York Times staff photographer Fred R. Conrad explains how he got a pretty sweet shot of a balloon delivery in progress totally by accident. [Lens]

• Refocus is a nonprofit that teaches photography to disadvantaged and marginalized minority groups, and they’d love your old cameras. [Refocus]

• A Maryland hospital has banned photos and videos of newborns in the delivery room until five minutes after birth. They think this rule will help the medical staff to do their jobs better; we think there are going to be a lot of angry parents. [ABC News]

• Update to a story we posted on in December: a Google engineer named Neil Fraser posted Jeremy Marks’ bail to get him out of jail in time for Christmas. Marks had been in jail for eight months on charges of “attempted lynching,” or in other words, filming a police officer with his cell phone. The whole thing is a farce, but thankfully there are good people in this world. [LA Weekly]

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